How did Always An Athlete® begin?

The conversation began with a single bike ride at the espnW Summit in Dana Point, California. Each year, espnW brings together the Nation’s TOP Innovators & those with Influence to discuss and share advancements in sports.

While at the Summit that year, Always An Athlete® Founder, Jenné Blackburn, was invited to participate in a 10-Mile Bike Ride with other Conference Attendees. Afterward, Jenne' discovered 2 things. First, she had so much FUN riding a bike with a group; it reminded her of the relationships she used to share with her teammates on the volleyball court.

This bike ride restored her sense of Athletic Accomplishment & identity which she had not felt since retiring from Volleyball & transitioning to corporate life. Jenne', a Former NCAA Division I Volleyball Player, had been sidelined & then retired due to injuries & multiple knee surgeries.

Jenne' was Ignited to make a DIFFERENCE in her own life.  1 week later, Jenne' completed her first Mini-Triathlon 1 week later in Newport Beach, California & she then wrote an article for her Sponsors.  A Title was needed to quickly capture her story & her new found energy. As soon as she saw the words Ball2Bike® she knew that this idea was important to inspire our Nation & our World. 

This engaging bike ride lead to learning more about cycling and the creation of the Mantra that turned into the brand, Always An Athlete®. Jenne' believes that our Sports Community can help Athletes transition Holistically- in Mind-Body & Spirit.