B2B Events Provide:

  • Educational opportunities about how our bodies & minds react to the daily Wear And Tear from sports, and how they react after the transition out of Organized Sports.

  • Practical steps to stay in shape & stay healthy mentally, emotionally as well as physically AFTER the transition.

  • Identity after a Ball Sport - (You are not just a ______ Player/Bike Rider)

  • Information about the bicycles & race days - How are they organized? How is the equipment different from riding for pleasure, to road racing, to mountain biking? What other cycling events are out there for an Athlete who recently retired from playing organized ball?


Next Steps

  • Tips to train for upcoming events (Triathlons, Long Distance Cycling)

  • What gear do you need to start?

  • What kind of bike should you invest in?

  • Laws of the Road, Hand Signals & Common Bike Courtesy-

  • How to go from bike rides to bike racing!

  • How to Change a Flat Tire-

  • Connecting you to like minded people who want to stay healthy, active & happy-

  • How to overcome your fear of something new (You were once a MASTER at your sport` You MUST be Brave to try something new!)