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The Always An Athlete Book chronicles the journey that Jenne' Blackburn took & the people she met along the way to obtain her ideas & put them on paper. She outlines why the Bicycle IS an incredible TOOL for all Athletes as they transition into the next season of their lives.

Topics Covered: Physical Health, Mental Health, Athlete Identity, Strategies for Success, Community Interaction, Leadership, Bike Basics and much more!

Always An Athlete® Book and Workbooks, Lectures, Seminars, Classes and Events         

How will you and your Athletes stay mentally, emotionally & physically fit AFTER the lights go out on the last game?

Utilizing the stories and expertise of Jenne' Blackburn and Always An Athlete® Ambassadors, the materials and programs will help answer the question of "what's next" for Athletes. 

These materials lay out the argument and methodology that Athletes need to be prepared for the transition.

Connect with us today and share how the Always An Athlete® Mission helps you define the next chapter in your life.