Bicycles provide a low-impact alternative to high-impact activities like Marathons, 5K's, & even Recreational League Softball after injuries have rendered those options painful & untenable for Athletes.

Cycling is not only a fitness alternative, but also it can be successfully used to replace the Game Day & training experience, providing Athletes with a good dose of physical competition that has dominated their identities, thus providing a means to overcome the mental & emotional "let down" after retirement sets in.

Finally, bicycles & cycling add one more layer to the "Athletic" identity, It provides Athletes from ALL sports, common ground on which they can identify with each other, encourage, educate & invite other Athletes to participate & inevitably help define the ever-broadening community of Retired Players no longer as "HAS BEEN'S," but as Athletes Always.

Regardless of their experience with bicycles or the length of their playing careers, Always An Athlete® is the banner under which they CAN fulfil these needs.



Bike Facts:

Ball2Bike is helping transition our Ball Sport Athletes to the bike. Let's take a closer look at why the bike IS the answer.

1.  CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                                 HEART

Cycling is associated with IMPROVED cardiovascular fitness, as well as a DECREASE in the risk of coronary heart disease.

2.    CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                            MUSCLES

Riding a bike is great for toning & building your muscles especially in the lower half of the body, i.e., your calves, your thighs, & your rear end. It's also a great low-impact mode of exercise for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips, which might keep them from being active.

3.    CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                                WAISTLINE

You can burn a lot of calories while biking, especially when you cycle faster than a leisurely pace.  Cycling has been associated with helping to keep weight gain down. In addition, cycling has the added benefit of ramping up your metabolism, even after the ride is over.

4. CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                                 LIFESPAN

Bicycling is a great way to increase your longevity as cycling has regularly been associated with increased 'life-years', even when adjusted for risks of injury through cycling.


5. CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                          COORDINATION

Moving both feet around in circles while steering with both your hands & your body's own weight is good practice for your coordination skills.

6. CYCLING I GOOD FOR YOUR                           MENTAL HEALTH

Riding a bike has been linked to improved Mental Health.

7. CYCLING IS GOOD FOR YOUR                             IMMUNE SYSTEM

Cycling can strengthen your immune system, and could protect against certain kinds of cancers.

8. CYCLING IS COMMUNAL &                                   INDIVIDUAL

Cycle in a group or individually. Either way it will fit into your schedule.


All those years of practice & drills have taken a toll on the body. Cycling is a great way to MAXIMIZE the years you have left in your body with little to no impact.

10. CYCLING ALLOWS YOU TO SEE                        MORE IN LESS TIME

The moore miles traveled equal more visual stimulation to keep going!